Tsumura Sushi Bar & Restaurant was recommended by a friend when I made mention about my desire to eat the world’s most expensive sashimiBluefin Tuna Belly, it being in my Top 5 Foods to Eat Before I Die mental list 😛

Just on hindsight, what makes the bluefin tuna belly sashimi so expensive is that the bluefin tuna is the most expensive fish in the ocean because its species is already considered endangered.

Prior to heading over to Tsumura, like always, I checked out its menu online & several food blogs about it. I did not find any negative reviews, so I was convinced to book a reservation, despite the whopping P2350 price tag on their Honmaguro Toro (Bluefin tuna) Sashimi.

It was a shame that I only knew about this restaurant recently. When Dard & I arrived at the place, I understood why. Tsumura is located inside a corporate building, so its semi-hidden location makes it unknown to some people, like me. But when we got inside the restaurant, I was surprised to see that the place was packed, despite the heavy rains.

I immediately ordered the Honmaguro Toro Sashimi and the waitress, together with the manager, had to clarify it with us twice if that was what I was ordering indeed. I hate to think that they were doubtful if we can afford to pay for it, or they simply wanted to double-check.

Honmaguro Toro Sashimi (P2350)

Toro is the general term for the belly flesh of a tuna and can be divided into two main types: chu-toro, cut from the less fatty sides of the belly, and o-toro, the belly’s supple and glorious center (Info credits).

I hate to think that we were short-changed with what was given to us because I was expecting purely o-toro. But, as you can see, there were only 2 slices of o-toro compared to the 5 slices of what was obviously chu-toro.

The first thing that entered my mind was how my cousin, Marbee, would have loved that, considering she loves tuna.

Thoughts: I thought it wasn’t anything exceptional. It didn’t blow me away, as how those who have eaten this before exaggeratedly descibed. The o-toro on the other hand, was just as divine as a salmon sashimi. Well, there went our P2350! It has got to be the craziest thing I’ve done related to food, to spend THAT much on a few pieces of raw fish.

Uni Sashimi

I consider this the “foie gras of Japanese cuisine”. Silky, melts-like-butter-in-your-mouth kind of texture. The experience this dish evokes is of pleasure and a heightened arousal of senses. It is definitely foodgasmic.

Appetizer (free)

The appetizer was a simple melange of chayote & prawns covered in a thick, savory sauce. Delicious.

Beef Usuyaki (P600)

I was excited to try this, as this is one of Tsumura‘s best-sellers and most talked about dish among food bloggers. I love mushrooms, so I did not think twice of ordering this despite its P600 tag price.

Thoughts: It was good.. Especially with the dipping sauce. Though it wasn’t like “WOW!” as how those who blogged about this described. The thin wagyu strips were tender and juicy, while the sliced mushrooms were generous in portion.

I think this was called Zara Udon

I didn’t mind eating cold noodles, but these noodles were too thick for our liking. We had to submerge this in the sauce (on the right) in order to have some taste. It was also too unpleasantly filling.

Tsumura is TSOOOMAHAL! 😀 Nonetheless, you are guaranteed with the freshest ingredients and an authentic Japanese fare 🙂 Overall, I give Tsumura Sushi Bar & Restaurant a 4 out of 5 spoons.

Tsumura Sushi Bar & Restaurant

2nd Level 88 Corporate Plaza

Sedeno corner Valero Streets,

Salcedo Village, Makati City

(632) 887 4848/ (632) 4850

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