About Me

Professional Commercial Model for 11 years | Foodie | Psychology graduate | Mother of a 5-year old boy | Registered Nurse | Certified Cook | Favorite color is Pink | Scorpio | Favorite Food: Truffles & Foie Gras

5 Comments on “About Me”

  1. reen says:

    just read some foodie entries in your blog. is there some way you teach pastries and pizza? we have a little but decent enough (i think) commissary but we do not have any food background…except that we like to eat.
    just exploring this if you would be interested to teach maybe a trial class for us who are non-chefs but like to experiment with pastries and pizza:) hope you would reply. thanks a lot and regards.

  2. Hi Reen! Unfortunately, baking is not my forte :-/ However, I can refer you to the school that I went to 🙂 Kindly check http://www.cacschef.com for their special classes 🙂 If they don’t have, perhaps I can endorse you to a couple of chefs who teach baking there 🙂 Thank you for your interest! 🙂 God bless!

  3. Eric Enriquez says:

    Hi Ms. Inez,

    We really liked your post regarding Swensen’s.
    We would like to know how we could contact you, email would be great since we would like to give the bloggers a little token of appreciation.

    Eric Enriquez
    Marketing Assistant : Swensen’s Philippines

  4. Eric Enriquez says:

    We’ll be sending you an email soon!

    Thanks again!
    Swensen’s Marketing Team!

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