I heart Human Nature

I’ve always been a sucker for toiletries, skin and hair care products alike. Imagine the thrill I feel when I enter Sephora. I literally get the shivers & feel extremely hyped, I could just scream (If I was five years old, I probably would have screamed, like how my son goes crazy when he sees Toy Kingdom from a distance :P)! Going through product after product, after product, while reading the back labels excite me. It truly is a form of therapy for me.

Nowadays, people have joined the organic bandwagon of going all natural & preservative-free ever since it became a fad. Be it in food consumption, health & nutrition, and even in hair & skin care. Thanks to Facebook, I stumbled upon a tagged photo, which immediately caught my attention. I don’t exactly remember what it was, but it was a skin care product by Human Heart Nature. What piqued my interest about it was the fact that it is a local, organic brand, which takes inspiration from 3 important philosophies: It is Pro-Poor, Pro-Philippines & Pro-Environment. Aside from that, the prices are amazingly cheap, considering all their products are all-natural. To further understand the brand, I visited their website. And halfway through reading the reviews of their products, I was already convinced that I wanted to try it out. I also learned that there are opportunities to earn on the side by becoming a dealer. And since I wanted to promote this brand so badly, I thought to myself, I had to try out their products first & foremost. I don’t want to sell something I’ve never tried & don’t believe in, because that will just defeat the purpose & intention of promoting it in the first place. So on that same day, I immediately called their branch closest to our place & reserved a number of products. That was back in December of 2010, and until now, I have been patronizing a lot of their products, but still actually haven’t gotten the chance to apply as a dealer 😀

Here is a run down of all their products, which I have tried vis-a-vis my personal review:

Hair Care

Moisturizing Conditioner – Avocado & Seaweed

I am very particular with the products I use for my hair because of all the abuse it has gone through. From coloring, to blowdrying, to ironing, to perming, to straightening–you now understand why I’m so finical. Sometimes, I encounter hair care products that unknowingly, my hair is not hiyang to, which makes combing such an encumbrance. But with this product, I was happily surprised to see how my hair has openly embraced it in all its (crowning) glory! It smells good & best of all, it’s crazy cheap! P289.75–you can’t go wrong with that.

Moisturizing Shampoo & Body Wash – Egg White & Aloe Vera

I have to squeeze out more than what I would usually get when I shampoo my hair. A little amount does not  suffice the usual foamy chemical reaction I expect, especially since I have long & thick hair. You really have to follow this up with a conditioner. Otherwise, it would be another cumbersome session of combing. And usually, when you have a hard time combing your hair, you tend to have more falling hair due to forceful hair pulling. I haven’t tried using this as a body wash since I kind of find it weird to use one product for both hair & body.

Strengthening Shampoo & Body Wash – Pearl Powder & Aloe Vera

I am currently using the Peppermint variant. You can expect a cool & tingly sensation while washing your hair. The smell is not overpowering as well. It actually reminds me of those red & white striped mint candies 🙂 I’m just not sure if this really helps reduce hair fall though (No, I do not have cancer :D).

Facial Care

Balancing Facial Wash

I absolutely love this product! The utilization of bamboo beads as its exfoliants is genius. I adore the scent & this balancing facial wash leaves you feeling clean & refreshed, not like when you just-had-a-Botox feeling, like how some facial wash products do, say…Pond’s. You only need a small amount so it’s really matipid! This is definitely a must-have!

Balancing Face Toner

It is imperative in skin care to tone your face right after washing. Though alcohol-based toners may seem more effective than the opposite, it is most often than not, detrimental to our skin. I use this alcohol-free toner to match my Balancing Facial Wash. It’s got a unique scent and it’s mild & gentle on the face. It safely & effectively removes left-over residue + there’s no stingy after-feel!

Facial Day Moisturizer – Sunflower & Papaya

This product has a mild scent & has a noticeable water base, which makes it lightweight in feel. And because the formulation is not that thick, a small amount can already cover the entire face, thus making this another matipid product. It dries up easily so it’s non-greasy. The only downside to this is that is has no SPF, as some moisturizers have nowadays.

Facial Overnight Moisturizer – Royal Jelly & Aloe Vera

This moisturizer has a thicker consistency & a heavier feel compared to their Day Moisturizer, which makes it ideal for overnight moisturizing, thus the name. This may also be used as an alternative day moisturizer for those with dry skin.

Sunflower Beauty Oil 

Claimed to be one of Human Heart Nature’s best-selling innovation. Unfortunately, after using it on my under eye area & my post-pregnancy marks for quite some time, it did nothing for me.

Sunflower Cleansing Oil

When I was a child, I remember seeing jars of Pond’s Cold Cream used as makeup removers by my mother and my grandmother. I thought they were a bit tacky, having to apply the cold cream on your entire face & wiping it off with pieces of facial tissue papers, then doing it again and again and again, until there was no more makeup, AND THEN washing your face to remove excess oil left from the cold cream. Tacky & very tedious, if you ask me. And then a few years back, Shu Uemura came out with a product that every model, celebrity & basically anybody who wears makeup, just had to have–its premium cleansing oil. A big bottle costs a whopping P5000, while the smaller one is about P3000 cheaper–both of which might be too heavy on the wallet for others.

So when Human Heart Nature came out with their version, I just had to try it. Unfortunately, it was not up to par with that of Shu Uemura’s. The whole process of removing makeup brought me back in time when cold creams were the “in” thing. I tried to wash my face after applying the cleansing oil (a la Shu Uemura), but it wasn’t the same. It did not emulsify & it only made it harder for me to remove the excess oil. I had to remove my make-up with a facial tissue paper at least three times & still had to wash my face after.

Body Care

All-Natural Deodorant (Rosemary & Sunflower Oil)

The scent of this deodorant is reminiscent of local spas 🙂 Like other roll-on deodorants, you will have to wait for a few minutes, with your arms slightly raised until it completely dries up. This keeps me dry & protected all day, so there’s no worry when you get close to someone 😉 I just wish Human Heart Nature would come up with a stick form.

All Natural Feminine Wash

There are some feminine wash that are too strong, it strips away the natural flora of the vagina, making it prone to infection. Human Heart Nature’s feminine wash is gentle, safe & effective.

Hand and Foot Care

Triclosan Free 50 ml Pocket Hand Soap

This is one of my favorite products & a definite must-have that you will always find in my purse. One of my pet peeves is an extremely watered down liquid hand soap found in some public restrooms, that makes you think “Naglagay pa sila ng sabon.” The management scrimps on the amount of liquid soap they dispense, that it beats the purpose of proper handwashing, which they promote with step-by-step photos of how to do so by the way. Some restrooms even run out of soap. Ever since I bought this, I never had any problem about that. I use the lemongrass variant & it smells so good. You get bacteria-free hands that smell good & feel cool.

Triclosan Free 50 ml Sugarcane Hand Sanitizer

Another staple that you will find inside my bag is this hand sanitizer. I use the watermelon variant, which I think has the best scent, & it smells absolutely delicious! This comes in a smalll pump bottle, so the amount that comes out is controlled. Usually 2 pumps is enough to give you clean hands smelling like candy!

Hand & Foot Salve – Bee Propolis & Carrot

Some people often neglect to take care of 4 of the most used & abused parts of our body, which are our hands & feet. Human Heart Nature has created a product that combines both hand & foot care–their Hand & Foot Salve. It has a rich & potent formulation, that guarantees softer shakers & stompers, your man won’t get enough of 😉 I use the banana variant & it smells so good it remind me of Fruitella banana. Tip: Apply a generous amount before getting some shut-eye, put on a pair of socks & see the difference the following day! 😉

I also have my son use Human Heart Nature products like the following:

Kid’s Care

Aloe Vera Children’s Shampoo


Triclosan Free Kiddie Hand Sanitizers

A handy sanitizer especially formulated for children, that’s safe & effective in removing bacteria. I always have this in my five-year old’s bag especially because he’s always playing around.

For interested consumers, you may check out their website by clicking on this link: Take Me There

Or you may get in touch with me by leaving a comment here 😉 Definitely worth trying & definitely worth buying!

Photo credits by Human Heart Nature