PARIS delice

I have an affection towards French food, so when I saw this “delightful” restaurant as I drove by Makati Ave., I promised myself I would come back.

I first actually knew about PARIS delice when I read about them in a magazine while I was on a plane heading back to Manila. The thought of an authentic French fare excited me, so much so when I was finally able to come back 🙂

It was around 4 in the afternoon when the boyfriend and I decided to have merienda there.


I wanted to order everything I saw 😛 But as they say, “A moment on your lips, forever on your hips.” I withdrew and ordered only what our stomach and wallet would allow.


Classic Tuna (tuna, eggs, tomatoes, mayonnaise, lettuce)

This is what the boyfriend had. He said he wanted something healthy, so healthy was what he got. Unfortunately, we were not informed that the sandwich was going to be served cold. I believe a lot of Filipinos are not used to eating cold sandwich (I know I’m not) so we had to ask them to warm this up in the oven.

I’m not a fan of healthy sandwiches either. So what you see is what you get with this one. The baguette was rather hard to bite on though.

Croque Monsieur

I am not a fan of healthy sandwiches, because I prefer sandwiches such as this; butter, cheese, fried–in short, heartstopper 😛 Croque Monsieur is one of my favorite French foods, breakfast food for that matter. It’s one of those rare occasions I can enjoy eating ham, considering I am not a fan of ham either. The other Croque Monsieurs I’ve tried had more of that delicious gooey cheese sauce on top. Perhaps Paris Delice‘ was trying to stick to their health concept, hence, the scarcity on the cheese sauce. Nevertheless, their Croque Monsieur was very good. The toasts were baked to perfection, creating a crusty exterior and soft, flavorful center. It was love at first bite.

Opera (P80)

Dark chocolate ganache, coffee butter cream and Joconde biscuit.

The famous French pastry was first paid tribute to the prima ballerinas, “les petits rats de l’opera” in 1955. Sad to say, but this Opera sang melancholy. It was, unfortunately, hard and dry 😦 Perhaps I should have asked them to slightly warm this as well.

Macaron de Paris (P35 each)

What their Opera lacked, their French macaron well compensated. This must be one of the best French macarons I have tasted in Manila! The almond meringue discs were neither too delicate nor too hard. The pistachio filling was neither too sweet nor too buttery. It was exquisite (say it in a French accent! :P)! J’ai adore! ❤

Cafe Moccha

I cannot recall the coffee they use at Paris Delice (as I am making this review from memory), but I remember looking it up on the internet the moment I got home, and I remember it was a brand from Canada (no, it wasn’t Tim Horton’s), which was surprising because I thought their coffee would also come from France. Their Cafe Moccha was sooo strong! It instantly gave me a palpitation, that I ended up giving it to the homeless outside :-/

I had a wonderful experience overall 🙂 Their restaurant actually looks like a cafe, with regard to size and appearance. If you plan to drop by, you’ll notice there are also French customers there. And usually, when a restaurant hosts a number of foreigners coming from the country of that restaurant’s cuisine, the food is said to be good and authentic.

Paris Delice is a lovely place to hang out with friends, have a date, hold business meetings, especially because they have free WiFi there.

Overall, I give PARIS delice 4 out of 5 spoons 🙂

If you want to see photos of how it looks like, you may visit their facebook page.

PARIS delice

1 Juno St. cor. Makati Ave.

(02) 798-0740

Open on Monday to Sunday, 7AM-10PM

The Best Macaron de Paris!

As what I have previously mentioned in my food review about Beurre Blanc, I have a strong predilection towards French cuisine. So it’s no surprise that one of my absolute favorite desserts is a Macaron de Paris, or a French Macaron. A macaron is basically two almond meringue discs filled with a layer of buttercream or ganache. I usually bought these little confections at Bizu, because everytime I would try other people’s version, it wouldn’t even come close.

Last month, a food fair was held at NBC Tent, & being the foodie that I am, I did not dare miss it. As I was going around the various food booths, my girlfriends & I chanced upon this stall that was selling French macarons & pre-bottled cookie mixes. They had sample pieces of macarons & though I wasn’t really interested, assuming it would probably be another failed attempt at finding something better than Bizu’s, I took a sample anyway. Lo and behold, it was love at first bite. Without batting a curled eyelash, my friends & I bought a box of pistachio, Red Velvet & chocolate Macaron de Paris from The Cookie Jar. The pistachio variant instantly became my favorite ❤

So what makes these THE best French Macarons in Manila?

They’re crunchy, a bit chewy, not too sweet & just absolutely divine. It’s pure decadence in every bite.

Need I say more?

So what are you waiting for? Go grab yourself a box & ORDER NOW! 😀 Gawd. I sound like those voice-overs for Home TV Shopping 😛 Lol! No, seriously. These melt-in-your-mouth gerbets are so worth it 😉

You may check out their website by clicking on the link above, or you may also contact Rae at: 9643947/ (0917) 8301965

Box of 8: P225.00
Box of 20: P520.00

J’adore The Cookie Jar’s Macaron de Paris!