I didn’t expect that there are quite a number of good restaurants at A.Venue, because I don’t think a lot of people go there… During a meeting I had, a co-model suggested that we transfer to focaccia. I actually didn’t eat since I was heading to Tsumura after for dinner, but I told myself I was going to come back because the food looked promising. So after spending the day with my son in Makati, I decided to take him there.

The following photos though, were not taken at their branch at A.Venue, but were taken at their branch at The Fort Strip. This was when we availed of their promo at MetroDeal.

First of all, I would like to commend their branch at The Fort Strip for allowing us to use our vouchers there, even if my boyfriend mistakenly selected A. Venue, as to where we will use our vouchers.

For starters,


Complimentary Focaccia Bread

We were given a complimentary basket of focaccia bread, with EVOO+balsamic vinegar. It was a good thing that a restaurant named focaccia has good focaccia bread! 😀 It was definitely something to boast about. Their focaccia bread was soft and had a nice crunchy crust, evident of a freshly baked focaccia bread.


Prosciutto Tartufo (P460)

Truffled cream sauce with prosciutto & mushroom slices.

I originally wanted to order their Cannelloni al Funghi, but because the waitress said it was not available, we settled for this instead. As soon as our order arrived, we immediately distinguished the lingering scent of truffle. And because of that, I was happy to know that they did not scrimp out on the truffle oil and made the P460 price worth it. The pasta was al dente, the sauce was very rich. In fact, we thought it was too rich because there was too much cream.. I don’t remember if they used fresh button mushrooms, but basing from the photo, I think they didn’t. I wish they could have used more prosciutto too, to cut the richness of the dish. But this was not bad 🙂 There was just too much cream.

Pazza Rollio Maranello (P399)

shrimp, sundried tomato, salami & cheese sauce

What actually piqued my interest to eat here was their Pazzo Rollio–their thinner version of Yellow Cab’s Dear Darla Pizza. It was literally paper thin! And like Yellow Cab’s Dear Darla Pizza, this also came with

Arugula & Alfalfa Sprouts

The pizza was very good 🙂 And though it was paper thin, it was very filling. The stuffing and rolling added that fun factor too 😉

Chicken Pancetta (P280)

Pancetta slices & cheese wrapped in chicken roasted in olive oil served on farfalle noodles.

The breading they used on the chicken was the same breading they use on their Mozzarella Fritta, which I got to try at their A. Venue branch. I prefer crispy breadings, so this didn’t completely satisfy me. However, the boyfriend loved it. Like they say, “Different folks, different strokes.” The portion was generous. The components made the whole dish well-balanced. The farfalle noodles, in itself, were delicious.

I like the ambiance at The Fort Strip better. However, the service at A. Venue was much better.

We had to wait for a looong time at The Fort Strip before our food finally came. I was watching the chefs/ cooks from my seat, and they were moving soooo slow! If Chef Ramsey was there, he probably would’ve whooped their asses 😀 We also didn’t like how the waitress (there were only 2 of them: 1 waiter & 1 waitress) (what to us felt like she) disregarded us when she was chatting loudly with (we assumed to be) her co-workers who were on a day off. Their children were everywhere too! Walking with those squeaky shoes that were ANNOYING AS HELL. That, for me, was what made our experience traumatizing.

Despite the good food, I can’t help but take into consideration the extremely slow service and the inconsiderate staff. And for that, I sadly give focaccia at The Fort Strip a 3 out 5 spoons. However, their branch at A. Venue definitely deserves a 5 out of 5.


This is one of those dining establishments, that everyone raved about, but ironically, didn’t quite make it to my roster of well applauded restaurants. It was a relief to know that a couple of my friends didn’t think otherwise.

The Ambiance


Restaurant interior

The interior is typical of Italian restaurants housing a line of square wooden tables dressed in plaid. There is vino on every table, enticing guests to consume a bottle of red–a perfect consolation to the cool climate in Tagaytay.

Brick Oven

They have a brick oven, where they bake their complimentary breads, pizza & Pizzaiola.


Here is a sample display of some of the items they serve in their restaurant, such as fresh pasta, Parmigiano Reggiano, gorgonzola, portobello mushrooms, truffle sausages, etc.

The Food

Complimentary foccacia bread & pita with EVOO-balsamic-parmesan cheese dip

Their bread was delicious! The foccacia bread was perfect! It was crusty & crispy on the outside, yet exuded a creamy texture when I bit & chewed into it. The pita was also delish, enhanced with a generous topping of sesame seeds & oregano.

3rd Choice Pizzaiola (clockwise from top): Tartufo, salami & onions, 4 cheese, prosciutto, marinara

We actually had this October of last year, so I will have to base my review from memory. The only thing I remember was that I was only happy with the 4-cheese pizzaiola. The rest were not as memorable, & seemed ordinary to me, even with the play on sophisticated ingredients, such as truffle & prosciutto.

Tartufo Nero with Fresh Tagliatelle

Another dish we had back in October of last year. It was my first time to try fresh pasta & unfortunately, Amoroma’s was hard to chew. The thickness of the tagliatelle dampened the taste of the truffles, which made me realize, had I known about what Ehmz of Va Bene told me, that oil-based pasta dishes usually go best with dried pasta. Being the truffle addict that I am, this dish was far from from getting a standing ovation 😦

Ravioli with Spinach & Ricotta Cheese in Meat Sauce

This dish was just okay. I thought the ravioli only had spinach in it, as I missed the ricotta cheese :-/ Reminded me of Empanada Mas’ Empanada with Spinach & Cream Cheese, which also lacked the cheese I was longing for. The meat sauce, on the other hand, was typical.

Veal with Truffled Black Mushrooms (P540)

This was the best one out of all the dishes we ordered. I’m not sure if this was really veal though, because the meat wasn’t exactly very tender, but the taste was exploding with truffle! Made even more decadent with fresh black truffle shavings! Ahhh… It was truly heaven on a platter 🙂 Unfortunately, this was only good for 1 person 😦 Quite expensive considering the measley portion.

Risotto with Saffron & Bone Marrow

You can already tell how this dish tastes, just by the appearance of it. If a picture is worth a thousand words, this is worth one–BLAND. The saffron, was completely irrelevant (if there was even any). The bone marrow was there, but lacking in flavor wouldn’t appeal even to hospitalized patients, who are used to eating lugaw.


At last! Something to rave about! 😀 Authentic, memorable & satisfying. Their tiramisu encompassed it all 🙂 From its firm & steady form to the creamy mascarpone cheese mixture, sandwiched in between layers of Lady Fingers soaked in coffee (& sometimes, coffee liqueur), sprinkled with freshly, grated chocolate. It creates a melodious symphony, whilst devouring this happy ending.

It’s hard to distinguish nowadays which restaurants are actually worth going to based from people’s reviews. Some of them kasi tend to join the bandwagon with regard to their personal opinion about certain restaurants, that it become overrated, like this one. Overall, I give Amoroma 3 out 5 stars. It wasn’t really bad, but it wasn’t exceptional either.