A friend of mine sent me this link to’s “Battle Burger”, & I remember seeing Lusso’s Demi-pound Foie Gras Burger ranked as #1. I’m not really a burger person, but when I saw that it had foie gras in it, I just had to try it. So on my & the hubby’s 33rd monthsary, we decided to have dinner there. I had very high expectations on this one, especially after seeing different, rave reviews about it. It was surprising to see that it was just beside Myron’s because I never really noticed it there since it doesn’t have a visible sign.

The place is really small & can only fit a few people, which is probably why they have more seats outside. But then again, with the humidity or hard rains we have in Manila, people would obviously choose to dine inside, unless you:

a. Are a smoker

b. Just want to be seen

c. All of the above.

Pardon me for not being able to take a lot of photos, again :-/ Feel free to drop by Lusso though, if ever you’re at Greenbelt πŸ˜‰

Their menu was not very extensive, so it was easier for me to pick what I wanted–although we obviously went their for their famous Demi (which means half) Pound Foie Gras Burger.

Let me just start (although I started already ;p) by saying that the place was very elegant. t was well-suited to be placed among the roster of expensive restaurants on the ground floor of the most posh mall in Makati.

Lusso, as you may not know, comes from the word luxe. Everything in that place is screaming luxury! From the rich & tasteful interior, to its impeccable service & outstanding meal price tags. Best to dine there on the 15th or 30th of the month ;p Wink! πŸ˜‰


Check out the chandelier πŸ˜‰

For our starters, I ordered:

Lusso Truffle Potato Chips (P150)

This really was a no-brainer for me, after seeing “truffle” on the menu πŸ˜› Haha! Me & my addiction to truffle. If they came out with a bag of this commercially, I’d hoard a bunch of it! πŸ˜€

For the main event, I ordered:

Lusso Foie Gras Burger (P595)

I like how they placed the fries on top of that spoon-looking container πŸ˜› It made me realize how I didn’t want to share my fries with Dard anymore because of its measley portion! Can you count how many fries there are? 1… 2… 3… 4… 5 πŸ™‚Β I thought the side salad that came with the burger was irrelevant. It didn’t really enhance the dish as a whole nor did it do anything gastronomically satisfying. I wish they just replaced the salad with more fries. I know, me & my fries.Β I’m not really a fries person (here I go again…), but that Cambozola (cheese) bath just made it so darn good! I’d like to swim in that bath please πŸ˜€ Decadent, dreamy, delightful. The cambozola bath added A LOT to this dish.

Now on to the burger. I was surprised that the bread was crisp. Not your typical burger bun. I prefer my buns to be soft. Lol ;p That didn’t sound right πŸ˜€ So I took my first bite & well… Expectations failed. I thought to myself, it was yet another overrated restaurant, who’s reputation spread like wildfire, commended for its luxurious food. But is it really the food that’s worth all the buzz? Or just the glass chandeliers, Malachite mirror & slipper chairs? So what was this much-talked about half-pound burger like? Well, it had a hefty portion, it was perfectly cooked & juicy (literally juice oozing out when you press on it), BUT I thought it could have been more savory. The taste, for me, was mild. The portion of the foie gras encapsulated inside the patty was generous, though I appreciate eating foie gras better by itself or atop something like a slab of steak or a salad.

On the other hand, this is what I regretfully ordered for the hubby:

Luxe Mac and Cheese (P495)

What caught my attention that consequently made me order this was that it really isn’t your ordinary mac n’ cheese. This luxe mac n’ cheese is packed with pancetta & formaggio trio (3 kinds of cheese). I also had high expectations on this one, but unfortunately, it was such a rip-off. The pasta they used wasn’t exactly macaroni, though it tasted like macaroni. As Dard said, this tasted like those instant mac n’ cheese that you buy in the States. OMG, for P495! Though I would understand, because the ingredients are expensive, but with the taste? It just wasn’t worth it.

So how was our experience at Lusso? You can say I felt embarrassed for even asking Dard to take me there. Yes, the food was luxurious, & so was the ambiance, not to mention the price. But are we going back? Probably not.

I give Lusso a 4 out of 5 stars, just because of the luxury & everything else I’ve mentioned about positively.

A Reconciliation with Myron’s Place

I did a survey on my blogsite’sΒ facebook page,Β as to which restaurant would people like me to feature next in my blog’s Epicurious, and majority answered Myron’s Place. Now I know why πŸ˜‰ I had the chance to dine at Myron’s Place at Greenbelt Β a long time ago, after reading Anton Diaz’ review about it, and even ordered what he featured there, which was the Moroccan Lamb Shank, but was unfortunately not impressed with it, so I kind of crossed Myron’s out of my Where-To-EatΒ list. But because of how the survey turned out, I decided to give it another try.

Last week, my friend & I had dinner at Myron’s Place, Powerplant Mall. It’s somewhat a waste to see it located at the ground level, when it could have well been situated beside Bistecca, perhaps.

For starters, we had:

If you read my About Me, you would know that one my absolute favorite foods is foie gras. For those who do not know, foie gras literally means “fatty liver” (of a duck). I love it pan-seared, with salad/ steak, drizzled with white truffle oil & doused with a bit of caviar πŸ™‚ The texture is like butter, because it literally melts in your mouth. And the taste is absolutely orgasmic. There are some people who do not appreciate it though & find it rather repulsive because of the thought of having to eat liver. Well I say, “More for me!”Β πŸ˜›

Like a child receiving a present from Santa on Christmas Eve, I was so delighted to see how the greens were arranged & presented! πŸ™‚ It was lettuce atop each other, mimicking a bridal bouquet. And I thought, “How clever!”. It was definitely photo-worthy πŸ™‚

I loved the combination of the foie gras with the poached pear & caramelized walnuts. It was just too bad the foie gras was overly seared though, that it somewhat tasted a little burned. What a waste 😦

Then we had:

Can I just say? These were THE BESTΒ Oysters RockefellerΒ I have EVERΒ tasted! And I cannot say that with more conviction πŸ˜€ ohmygoodness,Β It was sooo goood. This really was FTW. I love how the appearance of the baked oysters looks so deceiving. You’d think that was it, but underneath those beautifully, gratinated oysters lie the spinach enveloped in creamy goodness. You can’t help but say, “MmmΒ & not get wide-eyed questioning stares as to what lecherous behavior you’re doing in public πŸ˜›

For our main, we opted to share:

500g of premium U.S. certified black angus beef, The President can be shared by 2 to 3 hungry carnivores.

Best served medium rare to medium, to retain the steak’s natural tenderness & juiciness.

I was once told that true meat-lovers enjoy devouring a slab of steak sans the sauce, to truly enjoy the taste & texture of the meat. In that case, consider myself a member of the meat-lovers club. I must say, this was one of the best steaks I have ever had! We had this cooked medium, so the tenderness & juiciness was PERFECT. The distribution of the meat & fat were well-balanced, and it was bursting with flavor. It was truly just a remarkable experience bite after bite.

We paired this with:

This was alright.. Typical baked potato topped with grated parmesan cheese, bacon bits & chopped spring onions. It would have been better though if the potato was softer & was bathed with a little bit of sour cream πŸ˜›

To cap off our very decadent meal, we had their:

I’m not so much a fan of bread pudding, but Myron’s version was extremely moist & creamy, and it complimented well with the dark caramel ice cream & rhum sauce. The combination is a sinful indulgence, that is unassuming, pleasantly bewildering, not to mention fattening πŸ˜€

After that, we had a cup of Illy:

Nothing like a perfect cup of joe to awaken your senses.

Overall, I give Myron’s PlaceΒ 5 stars!

Myron’s PlaceΒ is located at the ground level of Greenbelt 5 & also at the ground level of Powerplant Mall.

For more details, please call: (02) 757-8898